Pecan nut farmers, distributors, exporters and pecan nut connoisseurs. We specialize in producing a variety of the best quality pecan nuts.


Farming Practices:

At Pecan Global we aspire to use the most natural, environmentally friendly and bioligic methods possible to ensure the best quality pecan nuts. At the same time we make use of sustainable and renewable farming methods where ever possible.

With an experienced horticulturist permanently on staff and a keen plantation management team we are able to grow trees full of life bearing handsome amounts of nuts and exceeding not only the normal standards but even our own expectations!

The region, soil and climate also play a big role. The Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme is renowned for its rich red soil, ideal climate and abundance of fresh river water channeled from the Vaal river in the heart of South Africa. The water in the Irrigation Scheme flows naturally under gravity from the river to the farms through a channel system needing no pumps or energy whatsoever and ultimately if unused ends up right where it came from… back in the river.

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